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In addition to the extra money from the buddy donations, this year we will be raising extra money to go to the family of an amazing young woman named Taylor. She was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2018. What they initially thought was a virus turned into this all-consuming disease that had taken over 98% of Taylors blood. Chemo started immediately and the aggressive treatment plan has left her weak, sick and unable to attend school, but it WILL NOT break her spirit. Even with everything she is going through she is adament about staying positive. She’s an inspiration to us all and I would like to alleviate some of the day to day worries for Taylor and her family so they can just focus on her health and being together. I promise you this is the most important gift we could ever give them. I appreciate any and all donations we can collect and with your generosity I hope to exceed last year’s donations and continue to grow Hunter’s dream.


Much love,
Tori (forever Hunter’s Mama)

All orders placed through May 31 will be produced and distributed the first week in June. The majority of the proceeds will go to help Taylor and her family. If you have questions concerning your order please contact us at


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